Chertsey College Academy

Chertsey College Academy (C.C.A), is about to open and will be a lively and vibrant institution for both its students and staff as well as the local community. The student body will primarily from a care managed background.


C.C.A was initially founded in 2015 and comes to the community having a rich history of care and academic excellence for its students. Along with sporting, exercise, artistic achievements and a commitment to its local and wider communities.


In 2016 we were nominated to become a dedicated academy and institution for learners from a care-managed (foster-care) background. And, being one of a very select number of institutions that is representative of this student type.


C.C.A benefits from being the initiator of what will become a M.A.T that focuses on collaboration, leadership and recognises a need and enables its students to learn, grow and flourish.

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